What to Expect During Your Surgery

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Once you make the decisions to have the surgery, the ophthalmologist sets up a schedule for operation. They may have asked you not to wear your contact lenses for a few days. Otherwise few restrictions exist for drinking and eating. They may check on if you take daily medications and if they interfere with the laser eye surgery. You might receive a reminder to wear comfortable clothes. It may be recommended you do not wear heavy make up the day of the procedure. Arrange the transportation to and or from the Houston LASIK.

Front desk

Upon arriving check in at the front desk in Houston.  There may be a read and sign consent form named Informed Consent Form. Any other question or concerns remaining may be discussed with you at this point.  You will be informed of how to take care of financing. Sometimes the laser counselor will introduce the post-operative needs. You may be taken to a pre-operative area to wait for LASIK surgery.

The surgery

The surgery has a relatively short duration of around 30 minutes. Once arriving, you will be taken to a reclining chair and placed on your back. Beside the chair lies a large laser system with a microscope and computer.   A set of numbing drops will be placed into your eyes, The area around your eye made be cleaned. The doctor will set up the surgery with dials or buttons on the machine.

Either a laser keratome or a microkeratome will be used to cut the flap on the cornea of your eyes. If the microkeratome becomes used a suction ring becomes attached. This ring creates high pressure on the cornea. The vision can dim. If the doctors use a laser keratome to cut the corneal flap, you may feel some pressure. It too will cause a dimming of vision. During the procedure, you can use and will notice vision fluctuation. Know that the machines make a clicking sound while working

After surgery

The ophthalmologist may offer some eye shields to be worn temporarily. He may recommend no contact sports, or strenuous activity till the eye becomes healed. There may be some cautions about swimming or using a whirlpool or bathtub. All of which is temporary. Eyes may burn or itch a little right after the LASIK surgery. Do not panic if vision remains blurry a day or two. Do not rub your eyes no matter how tempting. Some people experience halos or sensitivity to light.  Many just as equally report a stunning realization they can see well again without glasses.

In 24 to 48 hours after the laser eye surgery, the doctor will do a checkup. These follow up visits happen for about 6 months after the surgery.  An exam will become performed testing the vision and looking at the handiwork. The doctor will tell you then what activities to begin with.


LASIK has a high rate of success. The experience remains personal for everyone. The surgery itself remains painless, but the healing afterward can take a week or more to recover from and has a bit of pain.

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