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Now, a technology that combines the high-quality results of LASIK with the removability of contact lenses. EVO ICL – for individuals who want superior, high definition vision.

EVO ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) by Starr Surgical is a collagen-based lens that is inserted into the eye through a tiny incision. The lens is 100% biocompatible, causing no reaction inside the eye. Once implanted, you won’t feel it inside your eye. EVO ICL can correct nearsightedness ranging from -3.00 to -20.00 D.

The EVO ICL has an excellent track record of stable, superior outcomes. It brings LASIK-level of vision clarity, earning it the name HD or High Definition Lens. Unlike LASIK, however, ICL requires no reshaping of the cornea. While it provides permanent vision correction, the lens can be surgically removed if want or need arises, but unlike regular lens, it requires no additional maintenance.

EVO ICL also provides protection from glare and ultraviolet rays.

Are You a Candidate for EVO ICL?

Is EVO ICL the vision correction solution you've been waiting for?

Patients who have thin corneas or experience routine dry eyes who have been told they are not a candidate for LASIK or PRK might just be eligible for the EVO ICL vision correction procedure. Call us to find out more.
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Am I a Candidate?

EVO ICL is an excellent option for patients suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), who want to experience permanent, high definition vision. You are a suitable candidate if you:

  • Are between 21 and 45 years old
  • Have not undergone any kind of ophthalmic surgery
  • Have no history of eye disease (e.g. glaucoma)
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Easy 20-30 Minute Procedure

A quick, painless same-day surgery to help you achieve better vision.

The actual implantation procedure is as simple and quick, typically lasting only 15 minutes. First, a topical anesthetic is administered to numb the eye. Your doctor will then create a very small incision in the eyes. The lens is folded, loaded into a cartridge, and then injected into the eye between the iris and the front of the natural lens. Once injected, the lens unfolds to its full width. Since the incisions are small, sutures generally are not necessary.

Eye Drops Administered

Pre-Op Exam

Small Opening

Lens Insertion & Positioning

Post-Op & Check-Up


What is the material substance that the EVO ICL is made from?

The EVO ICL is made of a material that is exclusive to STAAR Surgical and not found in other lenses. It's made of Collamer, a technologically advanced lens material that is biocompatible and provides UV protection.

What are the benefits of EVO ICL™?

EVO ICL offers many benefits for patients who are candidates for the ICL procedure and are seeking a vision solution that allows them the freedom of less dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The advantages of EVO ICL include:

  • Sharp, clear vision
  • Excellent night vision
  • Does not cause dry eye syndrome
  • Quick procedure and recovery
  • No removal of corneal tissue
  • Removable by your doctor
  • Protection from UV rays
Do EVO ICL implants dry out or get dirty?

Many people confuse the EVO ICL with a contact lens. This is actually an implant and goes inside your eye. As a result it will not get dirty or dry. Despite the implant not getting dirty we suggest that regular annual eye exams are important to check on your eye health.

Is the EVO ICL visible?

No. The EVO ICL™ is positioned behind the iris where it is invisible to both you and other people.

How Does EVO ICL Compare to Other Procedures?

Long-Term Vision Outcomes
Recovery Time
Few Weeks
24 Hours
24 Hours
Procedure Duration for both eyes
10-15 minutes
10-15 minutes
10-15 minutes
Treats Nearsighted-ness
Yes up to -6D
Yes up to -20D
Yes up to (?)
Treats Extreme Prescriptions
Treats Astigmatism
Treats Farsighted-ness
Good for patients with contact lens induced dry eye
Can be used for presbyopia

Patients LOVE Their Results!

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What Our Patients Are Saying

By setting a new standard of care, we provide the best opportunity to achieve this standard for each and every patient. These genuine testimonials from our patients can be read in their entirety by visiting us for a complimentary consultation.

Great experience! Everyone was nice and caring! Life-changing investment. I'm so glad I picked them for this journey. I was always scared to do LASIK and I finally decided to do it and they made me feel safe and confident about my decision. THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥
Dr. Khokhar was super sweet and awesome during the whole procedure. Jerri was an angel with answers to all the questions I had leading up to the procedure and after. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend Houston Lasik and Eye to anyone looking to correct their vision!
It was an amazing experience for me. Dr.Khokhar, Mrs.Jerry and all other staffs were friendly and helpful. My brother recommended this Clinic. My Lasik surgery took only a few minutes. I would really recommend this place to anyone.
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