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Houston LASIK & Eye is a center of excellence for laser vision correction with our reputation bringing clients from across the country and globe. We have treated patients from every continent (except Antartica of course!).  With clients from across the globe, Houston LASIK & Eye has established itself as a leading global laser vision correction center.


America’s Top LASIK Surgeon Dr. Amjad Khokhar, MD, FAAO leads the LASIK team at Houston Lasik & Eye. With thousands of surgery experiences, he is one of the country’s most experienced LASIK surgeons. Our multiple award-winning surgeon is known for his meticulous care and relaxing demeanor. You can visit him in our Houston, Sugar Land, or Pearland offices.


Houston LASIK & Eye has the latest equipment used in laser surgery. We have invested in iLASIK technology. This bladeless, all laser, and customized treatment was developed using NASA Hubble Telescope technology. This heavy investment in advanced technology allows us to achieve superior visual outcomes.


The technology available here is so advanced that even NASA astronauts and Air Force fighter pilots visit the clinic.


The center is more than just a LASIK or eye treatment center. Patients get personalized treatment, and our focus is on building long-lasting relationships. The relaxing environment is complemented by the friendly staff at the center. Patients get answers to all of their questions during the complimentary initial consultation. Patients are treated with compassion and professionalism. This is the “Personal LASIK Experience” for which the center has become known. Call Houston LASIK & Eye for a complimentary LASIK consultation to learn more about services such as our:

  • On-site LASIK Suite
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Affordability and Easy Finance Options

Our Center

Houston LASIK & Eye was founded in 2005 by medical director Dr. Khokhar. He centered his practice on the beliefs that everyone is entitled to high quality, technologically advanced eye care services.

Premium vision services are offered here including LASIK, making this one of the regions best ophthalmology service locations. With years of combined ophthalmological experience combined with Dr. Khokhar’s vision for an outstanding eye care practice, Dr. Khokhar and his staff at Houston LASIK & Eye introduce patients to a whole new kind of eye care, in a comfortable and relaxing setting. The facility utilizes the latest in technological eye advancement services and employs a medical staff that is unmatched in experience…all to ensure that your experience will be second to none.

Houston LASIK & Eye serves local patients throughout Sugar Land, Houston, and the surrounding areas. All patients here are treated with respect and dignity and patient information is kept strictly confidential. Comfort and understanding are key to building a good doctor/patient relationship and Houston LASIK & Eye prides itself on these principles.

Services and treatments here encompass a wide variety of eye disease and vision problems as well as surgery and treatment options. A knowledgeable and informative team along with a large, clean, advanced facility make Houston LASIK & Eye the premium choice for the eye care needs of you and your family.

Our Awards

In the News

Dr. Khokhar says, “I got into ophthalmology because I loved the immediate difference I could make in people’s lives.” Read his inspiring story in the UpClose Magazine where he talks about how LASIK surgery has transformed the lives of thousands.

Click Here to learn how Dr. Khokhar can help you become yet another amongst his transformed patients.


Cataracts are the single most cause of vision loss in the United States. Being a reversible condition, treatment can solve this problem. Dr. Khokhar is amongst the reputed cataract surgeons in the country and globally. Click Here to read his discussions on the latest technologies and advancements in cataract surgery.


Dr. Khokhar goes live on Houston’s 1560 AM. He comes on air on the “Ask the Doctor” program. Ask Dr. Khokhar any question you like on eye health during this time.

Medical Publications

Dr. Khokhar is amongst the top-notch eye surgeons committed to ongoing research. Some of this research has been published in leading journals. His groundbreaking treatment methodology for viral infections and eye cancer has been widely appreciated. It is called Interferon Therapy.

Dr. Khokar has done extensive research on Strabismus or the Lazy Eye condition. Click Here to read on his research.

There is no reason to wait to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khokhar and his welcoming staff at Houston LASIK & Eye. Receive personalized attention and excellent medical eye care at the center and walk out with a smile.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to be offering this advanced LASIK technology. We know you have many options when it comes to laser vision correction. The chart below shows what sets us apart from a group we call “The Others,” those who don’t offer iLASIK technology and our exceptional quality of care. The amazing numbers below are published in CustomVue™ Patient Information Booklet 0030-4129B. Come see us for a complimentary consultation where we will be happy to provide you a copy.

Chart Showing Houston LASIK vs Their Competition


Letter to Dr. Khokhar and Staff

Wow!! All I can say is this is amazing and I wish I had done it sooner! Dr. Khokhar is a skilled surgeon. He and his staff are true professionals. I was well informed and made to feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from start to finish. No shortcuts were taken. I would never have imagined the results would be this great! I would highly recommend Dr. Khokhar to anyone interested!!

– Sincerely, Ernest Rosenbaum

Dr. Khokhar, From the initial consultation to the final follow-up visit, the level of service and attentiveness was unsurpassed. Your staff could not have been any more accommodating in scheduling my visits. Throughout each step of the process, I felt taken care of and appreciated. Unlike other LASIK centres, this was the only one where I was able to meet with the doctor during the initial consultation. I never once felt pressurized to make a decision. Rather, Dr. Khokhar patiently answered all of my questions and alleviated all of my concerns. Once I decided to have Lasik, the pre-op appointments and the actual procedure could not have gone any smoother. I felt well-prepared and was surprisingly relaxed during the procedure. The outcome was better than even I imagined. I only have one regret – not doing this procedure sooner. It truly is a life-changing event. Thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful experience!

– Sachin

Dear [Houston LASIK & Eye], First, I would like to say thank you so much! I have have been wearing glasses for eleven years and contacts for five. The “new” set of eyes you have given me is AMAZING! Once I decided to ask you for the opportunity to have the corrective surgery, you Dr. Khokhar and your staff treated me with the utmost respect and also gave me the attention I have never experienced at a doctors office. I have certainly enjoyed my experience at the Sugarland Eye & Laser Center. Dr. Khokhar and his staff are kind, helpful and provided a sense of warmth for me while I was there (a much-needed comfort because I was nervous). Once again, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for allowing me to experience my life in a new vision. I appreciate every little thing provided for me as a patient.

– Thanks, Javiera Gonzalez

I am a 39-year-old man who has been in glasses since 1985. On Friday, June 24, 2011, I spent about 15 minutes at [Houston LASIK & Eye] and completely change my life. I have always heard people say that getting LASIK surgery was the best money they’ve ever spent and I am now one of the converted masses. It is hard to explain how much things have changed for me in my first week sans glasses or contacts, suffice to say that I am absolutely thrilled and amazed. I liken it to getting a cut or bruise on a random part of your body. You never knew how much you used it or touched it until you hurt it. The good part is this is exactly the opposite. I got so used to depending on corrective lenses that I am now noticing every little thing that I don’t need them for anymore. FREEDOM!!! The staff at [Houston LASIK & Eye] could not have been more knowledgeable, kind of helpful. From the receptionist to Lindsay, the LASIK coordinator, to Dr. Khokhar and Dr. Heaney, I experienced top-notch customer service and patient care. The process itself was quick and painless, literally. I will recommend the procedure and this clinic specifically to everyone with whom the conversation of LASIK surgery comes up for the rest of my life. I cannot thank you all enough.

– Sincerely, Brandon Becker

I have had extremely poor vision for most of my life. I started wearing glasses in first grade. The time came again this year for a new pair of glasses and I decided it was time to consider alternatives. My first step involved calling several offices. [Houston LASIK & Eye] gave me the best information over the phone and scheduled an informative meeting right away. In no time, the day for the surgery arrived. After a handful of minutes in surgery, I was elated to actually realize a dream of being able to see without hunting for my glasses. Before surgery, everything more than a foot had been blurry. Now everything is crystal clear. I am especially happy with the follow-up appointments where I learned my vision is now 20/20 or slightly better. What a life altering surgery! A special thanks to Dr. Khokhar and Nancy.

– Sincerely, David Hoover

Dear Houston LASIK & Eye, I am a medical doctor who had my LASIK completed by Dr. Khokhar. Simply put, less than 30 seconds of laser allowed me to see 20/20 in less than 24 hours. I was able to return to work the next day reading the most minute details in the MRI’s I review as a radiologist. I have been thinking about LASIK for 10 years. Quite frankly, I never thought I would work up the nerve to undergo the procedure. After all, I depend on my eyes to complete my duties as a physician. And as a radiologist, my eyes are everything. Without good vision, I cannot read studies that thousands depend on for their medical care. I met Dr. Khokhar and started to talk with him about laser vision correction. I never thought I would really go through with it. I spoke with him a few times and was inspired by his confidence. I could tell he was genuinely concerned about my personal outcome. Not only is he well-trained on the latest in technology, but he is also turned to for some of the most difficult cases in the region. I was impressed that the technology he uses is approved for NASA’s astronauts and the Air Force’s fighter pilots. Then Dr. Khokhar told me that she personally takes care of his patients before, during and after surgery. That’s when I decided to see better with laser vision correction with Dr. Khokhar as my surgeon. The experience I had with Houston LASIK & Eye was phenomenal. The level of personalized service was amazing. As I met various members of Dr. Khokhar’s laser vision correction team, I could see that I was going to be in the best of hands. On the day of the surgery, every member of the team was attending to my anxieties and walked me through the procedure. The laser was applied to my eyes for about 30 seconds. In about 15 minutes, I was walking out after the most painless procedure seeing without glasses as I had never done before! The next day, I was seeing 20/15 and comfortably returned back to work. To anyone considering laser vision correction laser vision correction, I chose Dr. Khokhar out of all the LASIK surgeons in Houston. This is a decision I have not regretted. Every day, I help others by reading their imaging studies, and I do this in a way I have never done before… without glasses. Thank you Dr. Khokhar.

– Sincerely, Biren Shaw, M.D.

Through Dr. Khokhar, God answered the prayers of a little girl.

– Dr. Christine Lee, Physician

Thank you Dr. Khokhar for changing my life.

– Arjune Maraj, Engineer

The surgery itself was very painless.

– CeAnn Ochel, Registered Nurse

You feel like family, not just a patient.

– Fernando Ceballos, Member Services

Dr. khokhar really put my mind at ease.

– Glenda Scherer, Homemaker


Today I went for my free LASIK screening and was surprised at the VIP attention I received. I met the staff of Houston LASIK & Eye, the laser vision coordinator, and even the surgeon himself! Dr. Khokhar made sure I understood what LASIK was and why I was a good candidate. He also let me know what to realistically expect from LASIK. I could tell that Dr. Khokhar really cared that I was comfortable about the whole thing. He really got to know me! Before I left, I knew I would want the level of unsurpassed technology and personalized service that only Houston LASIK & Eye can provide.

Preoperative Appointment

After visiting the laser center, I went to see Dr. Khokhar for my preoperative appointment. The staff prepared me for the day of the surgery and let me know everything to expect. Dr. Khokhar answered all of my remaining questions. The appointment was long. The surgeon told me that my eyes were checked by many different technologies and by many different methods to ensure that I have an exceptional result. It really added another level of comfort for me to see this attention to detail.

Surgery Day

Today I had my LASIK. I can’t believe how fast and easy it was! Dr. Khokhar has me take some medications to keep me “relaxed.” In the tranquility room, I relaxed on a recliner and almost fell asleep! In the laser suite, Dr. Khokhar let me know everything he was doing and kept telling me how wonderful everything was going. The laser must have last about 20 seconds. I was out of there in 10 minutes and never felt a thing. A took a nap when I got home and when I woke up . . . WOW! It wasn’t perfect but I can see things are starting to clear up really fast.

The Day After

I woke up today and reached for my eyeglasses. But then I realized I did not need them anymore! I could see the alarm clock, the tree outside my window, and my whole family clearly without any glasses or contacts. I got ready just looking at all the details that I could now see. I hopped into the car to drive to see Dr. Khokhar for my postop appointment. No glasses! Dr. Khokhar said I was seeing 20/20 in less than 24 hours! I should have had LASIK a long time ago. I can’t believe I waited this long.

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