The LASIK Experience

The First Consultation

Young couple taking a selfie after LASIKMany people said that at the reputed Houston LASIK & Eye, every patient gets VIP attention. So I wasn’t surprised when I received the same treatment during my free LASIK screening. The staff was congenial. The laser vision coordinator was welcoming. I was introduced to information on the many different eye technologies and methodologies. They made me understand what LASIK is and what to expect out of it.

Preoperative Appointment

I visited the laser center and was amazed at the depth of technology that was available. As part of this preoperative appointment, the staff at the laser center gave me more information on the procedure. Dr. Khokhar, the man behind this Center, was there and ensured that I was comfortable. I asked Dr. Khokhar many questions and he answered all of them. Dr. Khokhar went out of his way to understand me and my needs.

The Day of the Surgery

On the day of the surgery, things went very smoothly. The surgery was over in a matter of minutes as the experienced team guided me through each part of the procedure. Dr. Khokhar’s presence had a relaxing effect on me…along with the valium. During surgery, Dr. Khokhar kept reassuring me and made sure I knew what was going on as the surgery progressed.

The Day After the Surgery

For a moment, I felt something missing and something found. My glasses were missing since I didn’t need them, and I had found an improved vision. Everything was bright and clear! It was definitely a 20/ 20 vision within a day. I wished I had taken-up LASIK treatment earlier. But better late than never!