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Congratulations on taking the first steps towards improving your vision and your life. Your crystal clear eyesight is essential for you to fully enjoy your life and to reach your goals. Without clear vision, you are limited in what you can achieve and experience. So at Houston LASIK & Eye, we take your eye health seriously.

Houston LASIK & Eye is an award-winning LASIK surgery and eye care facility located in the Greater Houston metropolitan area. We have performed Lasik for over a decade. We are proud to be one of the very few centers that offer iLASIK technology, the technology that led to the approval of laser vision correction for NASA Astronauts, Air Force Fighter Pilots, and Navy Seals. It is important for patients to know that the latest development of laser vision technology as you now have many options for correcting your vision. When you go to other Houston LASIK centers, you probably will end up having LASIK even if it may not be the best procedure for you. At Houston LASIK & Eye, we are leaders in all of the latest forms of surgical vision correction. When you visit us for a consultation, our doctors will evaluate which form of laser vision correction will help you achieve your unique goals. Below are some forms of vision correction we offer:

  • iLasik
  • Wavefront-Guided Custom Lasik
  • Blade-free Lasik
  • Visian Implantable Contact Lenses
  • Advanced Surface Ablation
  • PRK
  • Refractive Lens Exchange

We also offer premium laser cataract surgery to our Houston patients. So your eyes get the most pain-free and safe treatments, at the most affordable prices available in the Houston Area. We are the most trusted surgeons for LASIK Surgery in Houston.


The facility’s lead ophthalmologist is Dr. Khokhar, a board-certified medical director who has performed thousands of LASIK eye surgeries over many years. While many other Houston LASIK eye clinics buffer patients from doctors until the actual surgery, Dr. Khokhar is engaged with our patients every step of the way, starting at the initial free consultation. So you know you’re utilizing decades of medical knowledge to guide you through the decision-making process for your eyes and your lifestyle.

The LASIK Experience

The First LASIK Consultation

Many people said that at the reputed Houston LASIK & Eye, every patient gets VIP attention. So I wasn’t surprised when I received the same treatment during my free LASIK screening. The staff was congenial. The laser vision coordinator was welcoming. I was introduced to information on the many different eye technologies and methodologies. They made me understand what LASIK is and what to expect out of it.

Preoperative LASIK Appointment

I visited the laser center and was amazed at the depth of technology that was available. As part of this preoperative appointment, the staff at the laser center gave me more information on the procedure. Dr. Khokhar, the man behind this Center, was there and ensured that I was comfortable. I asked Dr. Khokhar many questions and he answered all of them. Dr. Khokhar went out of his way to understand me and my needs.

The Day of the LASIK Eye Surgery

On the day of the surgery, things went very smoothly. The surgery was over in a matter of minutes as the experienced team guided me through each part of the procedure. Dr. Khokhar’s presence had a relaxing effect on me…along with the valium. During surgery, Dr. Khokhar kept reassuring me and made sure I knew what was going on as the surgery progressed.

Chart Showing the Steps of LASIK

The Day After the LASIK Eye Surgery

For a moment, I felt something missing and something found. My glasses were missing since I didn’t need them, and I had found an improved vision. Everything was bright and clear! It was definitely a 20/ 20 vision within a day. I wished I had taken-up LASIK treatment earlier. But better late than never!

Contact our offices in Pearland, Sugar Land, or Houston, TX today to request your LASIK consultation.

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