Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

Refractive surgery is not a potential treatment for everyone. A patient should have a complete eye exam to find out if they are a potential candidate for this type of eye surgery. Additionally, there are certain questions they have to ask themselves before considering this procedure or any other type of refractive surgery.  
Surgical complications are low, but they are not totally non-existent. Patients have to be ready for such a situation, but modern treatments are safe. Complications are rare. 
Employment considerations
Some careers require excellent eyesight such as pilots. Patients need to ask if their career allows them to have LASIK. There are very few organizations that deny or do not allow their employees from having this type of surgery. If in doubt, a patient should check with their employer before considering LASIK. 
Stability of vision prior to surgery
There is a period of time prior to laser eye surgery during which a patient’s eye needs to remain stable. Minor changes of prescription are common, but if the changes are progressively stronger, as in the treatment of progressive myopia or hyperopia, then laser eye surgery is not recommended. Other options exist that may serve the same purpose as LASIK. 
Health conditions
Underlying health conditions can make a person ineligible for laser eye surgery. People with advanced stages of autoimmune diseases cannot have this treatment. Their chances of postoperative healing are limited. As stated before, other options exist and the staff at Sugarland Eye & Laser Center can assess those options for you rapidly. 
Recreational activities
A LASIK flap dislocation is an undesirable condition. Once it happens, there is trauma to the eye. Flap dislocation can happen to people who engage in contact sports after surgery. Sports such as wrestling, boxing and martial arts have high chances to potentially cause flap dislocation. Therefore, in such a situation, eye doctors would generally recommend surface ablation as an appropriate treatment choice. 
Age considerations
Patients are often in a dilemma over their age when it comes to undergoing laser eye surgery. There are no hard and fast rules that suggest that a patient is too young or old to undergo laser eye surgery. But it is rare to see someone 18 years of age and younger undergo LASIK surgery. This is not because those below 18 years of age don’t have eye problems, it is because their eyes are constantly changing and are not stable enough to qualify for surgery. The success rate on this particular surgery under expert hands if 95% no matter what the age. 
Now the question is if older patients have more stable eyes that can make them potential candidates for surgery, but older patients can develop cataracts or allied eye conditions. This could prevent them from undergoing laser eye treatment. Therefore the best solution is to consult an eye doctor at Sugarland Eye & Laser Center in Houston to get expert advice on the best treatment route. 
When the cornea has decreased rigidity, keratoconus can manifest. The cornea attains an abnormal curvature. Patients with keratoconus may not be able to have LASIK treatment or advanced surface ablation. 
The following patients are generally high risk surgery: 
*Patients with high prescriptions
*Thin corneal walls
*Unusual corneal curvature
*Dry eyes
*Large sized pupils
*Prior corneal surgery
At a minimum, a doctor’s consultation should be sought. Choosing the right eye surgeon is imperative for achieving the optimum outcome for your condition during surgery. 
Sugarland Eye & Laser Center leads in providing premium LASIK technologies to Houston, Sugar Land, and the surrounding region. The Center’s award-winning medical director introduced revolutionary technologies such as iLASIK to the region. This technology is used by NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS and Air Force fighter pilots. At Sugarland Eye & Laser Center, you can now receive the same treatment. For more information, please call (281) 240-0478 or visit us at 
About the Author
Amjad Khokhar, M.D. is Chief LASIK Surgeon at Sugarland Eye & Laser Center. Add Dr. Khokhar on Google+ here. 

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