Visian Makes a Noticeable Difference

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Looking deeply into a person’s eyes, one notices the inky circular darkness surrounded by the colorful ring of iris called a pupil. Pupils let light beams in that reach the back of the eyeball.

Light lands on tissue called the retina causing nerves to initiate the process of sight. Just past the pupil inside of this eye orb lies a tissue called the lens.

The lens has transparency, and its structure refracts light, so it concentrates on the retina. Measuring from 4 millimeters depth with about 10 millimeters across what shape the lens takes in any given moment depends on its need to concentrate light on the retina. 

An issue in the lens makes an issue in the sight. Conditions of the lens that affect sight list as loss of elasticity (presbyopia), a dislocation of the lens, or cloudiness of the lens.

Other factors come into play with lens issues such as anterior chamber angle widths, the height of the central vault, and the intraocular pressure. When enough damage occurs, a natural lens may need removal by laser eye surgery.

Replacing a lens

Artificial lenses exist. Known as an IOL (intraocular lens), it’s similar to prescription glasses or even contact lenses.

These IOLs come with different powers of concentration. An ophthalmologist takes the measurements of an eye.

Its natural curve determines which powers of concentration to be used for that individuals’ eye needs. IOLs consist of transparent acrylic, silicone, or even collagen.

Unique materials lay on the outside of the artificial lens to automatically protect the inner regions of the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.


One of the most successful lens innovations has been Visian Collamer lens. More than a lens, it’s described as a surgical process specifically tailored to deal with lens replacement.

Visian has become known for providing excellent visual acuity and quality as compared to the original measurements. The latest version lists as Visian ICL V4 with a central hole.

As always studies done compare past Visian artificial lens products with present Visian products. The doctors in the Houston Lasik clinic always look for improvements, even within the same product range.

The advantage of a Houston Lasik doctor becomes the immense level of expertise matching procedure, product, to patient need, and having the surgical skills to make that surgery happen.

Visian has proven to be an extremely flexible product and procedure for challenging cases of high myopia (nearsightedness). Its stability has been proven many times.

As reported by the International Ophthalmology April 2020 journal, a one-year evaluation of anterior chamber angle width, central vault, and intraocular pressure changes showed its worth. A set of 60 patients with high myopia put on a regimen of 12 months follow up with the ICL V4c lens showed a long-term reduction of the vault.

The Journal of Current Ophthalmology had reported as early as 2015 with a group of 62 eyes of high myopic patients that Visian intraocular lens implantation gave excellent accommodation and had the potential of reversibility.


What once was a significant source of low vision has now been solved with the use of the intraocular lens. Over a five year period with studies, the product continues to perform at high levels as improvements become added.

For patients with high myopia, it has become most effective and safe when a doctor with knowledge chooses it as the procedure to go to. To experience that level of care pick up the phone and talk with the doctors at the Houston clinic. They can tailor a plan to your specific condition.

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