Visian ICL

The next generation of vision technology lies in the Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens. It’s a new intraocular lens allowing patients to achieve amazing improvements in their vision. What this represents is a vision that is clearer and sharper with great depth and dimension…real High Definition vision.


The term ICL refers to Implantable Collamer Lens that is a contact lens which is a new technology developed by STAAR Surgical. The implantable lens also has features such as UV protection and anti-reflectivity.
The procedure is characterized by the receipt of topical anesthetic drops prior to surgery. it takes only 15 minutes for the doctor to create a small incision through which the lens is placed. The lens is able to be inserted through the small incision because it has been folded in the cartridge. Once injected, the lens slowly and predictably unfolds inside the eye. Vision is almost instantly greatly improved.
Candidates who qualify for this procedure include those who are generally between the ages of 21 and 45 years of age. Most patients are moderately to highly nearsighted. Many are not LASIK candidates due to dry eyes or thin corneas. Patients should also have acceptable endothelial cell density and enough anterior chamber depth. A change in glasses prescription during the course of the year should not have exceeded .5D. The candidate should not be pregnant or nursing or having any known allergies to or contraindications to the medications used in surgery.
Decision on Refractive Surgery
An informed decision is based on your eye surgeon’s conclusions. This is determined by what your expectations on refractive surgery are including medical history, eye health and correction needs.
YAG Laser Iridotomy
Up to 14 days before your procedure, your eye surgeon will employ a YAG laser to create one of two openings close to the edge of your iris. These will allow fluid movement around the lens. Numbing drops are applied to make the patient more comfortable right before the procedure is undertaken. This will be followed by an eye drop prescription to be used by the patient before the ICL surgery.
Vision ICL Procedure Day
This will take no more than half an hour. The patient will have to be driven home while recovering from the procedure.
Topical Anesthesia
This will be administered to the patient on the day of surgery to reduce or prevent discomfort entirely.
Lens Positioning Openings
One of two openings will be created at the base of your cornea where the lens will be positioned.
Gel-like Substance
Your eye will be protected by a gel-like solution to protect the eye during lens insertion. Once the placement is complete, the solution will be removed.
Lens Opening
The lens will be inserted through a small opening created for that particular purpose.
The corrective lens will then be inserted having been selected prior to the procedure. To help prevent infection and inflammation, the eye surgeon will administer eye drops. You will continue to use the same eye drops for several days. Conversely, the eye surgeon may place a protective patch to cover the eye while it is healing. You have to undertake a follow-up visit to the ophthalmologist within a day.
Benefits of Visian ICL
Among the key benefits of this eye correction technology is:
High Definition Vision: A sharper, clearer vision more refined than other procedures.
Permanent but removable: The lens can be replaced or removed in case the patient experiences a negative side effect on eyesight.
Immediate improvement in vision: The eye correction takes place immediately. There is no waiting period.
Flexibility: No eye tissues are removed during the procedure and this allows for additional procedures if required.
UV protection: The lens contains a UV blocker that protects the eye.
Houston LASIK & Eye leads in providing premium LASIK technologies in Houston, Sugarland, and the surrounding region. The Center’s award-winning medical director introduced revolutionary technologies such as iLASIK to the region. This technology is used by NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS, and Air Force fighter pilots. At Houston LASIK & Eye, you can now receive the same treatment. For more information, please call (281) 240-0478 or visit us
About the author…
Dr. Amjad Khokhar, MD is Chief LASIK Surgeon at Houston LASIK & Eye. Houston LASIK & Eye is the Houston region’s leader in providing iLASIK – LASIK technology approved for Air Force fighter pilots and NASA astronauts.
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