Trusting A Surgery On The Eyes

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Any surgery has its consequences positive or negative. Surgery on the eyes with its delicate tissues makes it a bit more anxiety filled. LASIK practitioners understand that the mishandling of a laser incision can cause more issues has set up a system to pick only those candidates that have the possibility of a good outcome. Not everyone can have a LASIK procedure. A doctor must choose a patient. Lasers used cold laser technology, so no burning of the eyes occurs just an incision becomes made. If problems do occur, it is usually dry eyes. Most of all, the skill of the doctor performing the procedure matters more than anything else. When determining what clinic to trust, find the one that has experienced doctors in that type of surgery like Houston Lasik has with a process that makes patients comfortable talking about their eye issues.

Now that the issues have been stated let’s look at the possibilities of LASIK surgery and see if it can be trusted.

  1. Under the hand of an experienced ophthalmologist, computer-guided, laser eye surgery has an extremely precise protocol of making an incision. Femtosecond laser pulsed fire at one quadrillionth of a second to cut the corneal tissue. The excimer laser uses cold UV light and has a similar pulsed fire.
  2. Laser eye surgery is not a new surgery but has been around as a service for 20 years. The Food and Drug Administration approved lasers for eye surgery in the 1990s. It estimates that 9.5 million Americans have had the surgery performed on one or both eyes.
  3. Administration did a series of PROWL studies checking on the quality of life of patients after LASIK surgery. The studies involved several hundred LASIK patients. The PROWL study concluded that less than 1 percent of patients experienced difficulty doing their everyday activities after having laser eye surgery.
  4. No case yet to this date of LASIK ever being the primary cause of blindness. Of the one percent that the procedure does not help, they lose some visual acuity, but often they had significant eye issues to begin with and a limited amount of options. Also, the experience level and quality of the surgeon performing the procedure matters extensively in eye surgery. A few cases exist where the aftereffects of laser surgery caused significant issues, but the vision quality remained high. Just as a success story in laser eye surgery remains an individualized event of improvement so does a failure of LASIK often classifies as a customized event with a variety of possible causes.
  5. Astronauts and Navy SEALs needing improved vision to stay in assignments that require high visual acuity have approval from the government to see LASIK doctors of high quality. Professional athletes, emergency first responders, and sharpshooters also use LASIK to maintain high vision quality.
  6. The American Refractive Surgery Council reports that to date, peer-reviewed clinical studies numbering 7000 have been published on LASIK. Studies have a specific scope to answer a question but taken all together shows LASIK as a safe elective procedure.

A few individuals may have issues with the procedure, but overall, it ranks as a reasonably safe elective surgery. Come in and have a chat with the staff at Houston Lasik and see if the procedure can help.

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