Top 10 Myths About LASIK Surgery

Information online comes so readily available that is has sometimes become more of a bane than a boon. Discerning what is relevant and trustworthy information about laser eye surgery takes time. To make matters, worse, conflicting stories can add to the confusion from less than reputable sites. Take the time to check the source of information when it comes to an important medical procedure. The most common LASIK myths out of these hundreds of self-proclaimed "studies" are: 
LASIK is a true medical procedure. 
LASIK is and should be treated like a medical process. It requires proper care and comes with its own set of risks and complications. Just like any other medical surgery, LASIK too is risky. However, this risk can be significantly mitigated by using a reliable eye care institute like Sugarland Eye & Laser Center in Houston. 
Laser eye surgery has serious side effects like night glare and dry eyes. 
The side effects of laser eye surgery, like dry eyes and night glare, happen immediately after the procedure and typically last up to 6 months only. You can avoid complications by undergoing proper testing before undergoing the surgery. It can reveal if you are a probable candidate of long term complications or not. 
It is a fairly new procedure and its long term complications are not identified yet. 
The technology for vision correction has been prevalent since the 1980s and has been in practice since the 1990s. Since its inception, no long term complications have been reported. 
One laser is used for all patients. 
This myth is completely unfounded as many types of lasers are being used to treat a patient’s vision. After the pre-surgery screening, an experience eye surgeon identifies the most appropriate laser that can be used to treat a patient’s condition. 
It is not doctors, but the lasers that matter during your surgery. 
While this is partly true, not all the credit can be given to the lasers. Eye surgeons also have a crucial role to play. A lot of risk can be reduced if you choose your surgeon after careful due diligence. The success of any surgery depends on pre/post-operative care which is your surgeon’s doing and not that of lasers!
The greater the number of surgeries, the better the surgeon. 
This can be a good indicator, but not a sole one to determine a surgeon’s capability to perform impeccable LASIK eye surgeries. Regardless of their experience, a patient should conduct his or her research about the surgeon’s performance and past reviews before making a final call. 
LASIK is a one-time solution for vision correction. 
It cannot be refuted that LASIK has been phenomenally successful in taking the dependence off corrective eyewear and contact lenses. However, the degree of improvement and the permanence of the results are different from one person to another. Your doctor should be able to identify the possible outcomes from your surgery. 
Anyone is the right candidate for LASIK. 
This is one of the most misleading myth of them all. As a matter of fact, each and every candidate needs to go through screening to determine if they can or cannot go through with laser eye surgery. You can get screened by your doctor to establish if you are a right candidate. 
Outcome remains the same even if you undergo the cheapest LASIK procedure. 
It is true what they say, you get what you pay for! Eyes or any other part of your body you should not compromise on quality to save a few bucks. Discounts can be a good saving, but never choose an eye surgeon based on that. You must exert effort in your research on the care a doctor gives pre and post op, even if you are paying top dollar for your surgery. 
LASIK is still evolving and patient should wait until the best procedure comes along. 
The latest technologies have proven highly successful with phenomenal outcomes. Greater innovations in this domain will make the surgery available to a wider audience, but the principle will remain the same. 
Sugarland Eye & Laser Center leads in providing premium LASIK technologies to Houston, Sugar Land, and the surrounding region. The Center’s award-winning medical director introduced revolutionary technologies such as iLASIK to the region. This technology is used by NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS and Air Force fighter pilots. At Sugarland Eye & Laser Center, you can now receive the same treatment. For more information, please call (281) 240-0478 or visit us at 
About the Author
Amjad Khokhar, M.D. is Chief LASIK Surgeon at Sugarland Eye & Laser Center. Add Dr. Khokhar on Google+ here. 
Writer did a comparison of information and came to a consensus of most common myths

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