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According to the American Optometric Association, dynamic visual acuity remains a must-have skill in tennis, soccer, parts of baseball and racquetball. Visual acuity defines as a standard of discerning a collection of chart letters and numbers. The standard lists as 20/20 determine normal visual acuity. It means at 20 feet from the chart a person can normally see what would be seen at that distance. In sports, some skills involving vision become trained to make the most of a person’s abilities.

The eyes have it

Eyes react to most things in our field of vision. The ability to screen out distractions and stay concentrated on a specific object gives athletes advantages.  During sports, the eyes track fast-moving objects with little head motion so to maintain balance. Eye and hand coordination means how fast hands and feet respond to the information the eyes gathered. This skill in athletes becomes highly developed so when time to catch or release a ball a person can control the body. Having a visual memory of a set of skills lets a person deal with complexities like running through a group of basketball players before making a goal. Peripheral vision happens in the corners of the eye. In sports, this vision remains crucial since it shows what’s going on not directly in front of a person and allows a person to anticipate an event. Visual reaction time becomes seen when a baseball pitcher releases a ball and the player at base swings shows the set of skills that create a home run. The batter hits the ball at the right moment. Depth perception allows a person to accurately determine the distance of a ball. All these skills become less accurate if visual acuity gets too far off.


Houston LASIK has expertise in visual acuity.  Glasses and contact lenses can become a hazard while doing an intense sports activity sometimes.  If an athlete has myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, they may want to explore getting a laser eye surgery. Sports eye injuries remain common. Increasing the listed eye skills to maximize the ability to tune out distractions or react quickly to fast-moving balls or players lessens the chance of an eye injury. If the eyes do not have the 20/20 normal standard, it’s one way to improve the odds of being injury free.


A host of professional athletes for years deal with contact lenses and glasses in their sports. They got awards, made phenomenal records in their profession. Their eyesight did not hinder their accomplishments. At some point, the visual acuity loss did affect what they were doing professionally. Athletes such a LeBron James, Paul George, and Chris Paul of basketball, Wilson Ramos and Jeff Bagwell of baseball dealt with their respective eye conditions for years. Finally, after much consultation, they chose to have LASIK done. It did help them have longer careers.


Even though we do not need the visual acuity of an athlete in our ordinary lives having good vision makes a difference especially in elderly years. Explore the options at Houston LASIK. Rest assure the good ophthalmologists there will only do the surgery if medically necessary.


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