Removal Of The Digital Strain On Your Eyesight

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Removal of the Digital Strain on your Eyesight
Over a period of time, our dependency on computers, tablets, phones etc has increased. The convenience of being able to stay connected even while on the move unfortunately, comes with a price! The digital strain caused as a result of looking into the harsh light emanating from your device causes red eyes, eye twitching, headaches and poor eye sight after some time. If these symptoms appear familiar then it is time to protect your vision from the digital strain. Here are some things that you can do!
Understand the importance of proper lighting
Too much sunlight or harsh interior lighting can put too much strain on your eyes. Try creating proper lighting in your room which should ideally be half as bright as the one from your device. Too much sun is bad for eyesight, especially when you are working on your computer so pull the curtains or blinds and minimize the light source in the room. If you work near a window, position your screens in such a way that it does not get direct sunlight. You can also consider lowering the interior lights by using low intensity bulbs.
Reduce the glare
When there is too much glare, it makes you strain your eyes as you need to work harder in order to focus on your screens. To avoid this situation, block outdoor light by pulling the curtains so that it doesn’t reflect on to the screen. If this doesn’t seem to help much, you can also get an anti-glare screen additionally on your monitor. Also many devices especially computers allow a person to change the background color. White is the worse color for a background and strains eyes more than any other color. Simply changing the color of the background reduces the strain. Become familiar with the accessories tab on the computer. Besides color it will read text to you as well as type text you speak to it. All of which gives a more balanced way to work if your eyes have a predisposition to strain.
Blink your eyes more
When we are working on the computer, we tend to blink less which can cause irritation and redness due to dry eyes. You should blink more often as it prevents itching and dryness. Ideally, you should blink at least 10 times in every 20 minutes to keep your eyes moist. Close your eyes slowly, as if you are sleeping.
Take more breaks
Working at a constant stretch in front of your computer screens is one of the biggest mistakes that we all make. To refresh your eyes from time to time, it is necessary that you take a break more often. This will not only protect your eyes from excessive strain but will also protect your body from falling into muscle fatigue. Sitting in one place for too long can cause back pain or neck pain due to poor posture. It is recommended that you get off your seat and take a walk around for at least 5-10 minutes after every 1 hour of sitting in front of your PC. You can also do mild stretching exercises.
Get a comprehensive eye exam to check your eyesight
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