Possible Ways for Insurance to Pay for LASIK

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LASIK is defined as Laser-Assisted in-situ keratomileusis. A procedure that uses intense light to make a precise incision in a person’s eye to improve vision. Now nearly 30 years in the process it has restored or improved the sight of millions of individuals with a 96% success rate. Yet most major insurances classify it as an elective procedure since in its early years it became identified with cosmetic surgery. Because of that label, most major insurances will not directly pay for a LASIK procedure despite most operations now being of medical origin. The huge amount of cost associated with not having good vision results from providing many items a person needs such as transportation, modifications to homes, and things to prevent falls which are covered by insurance, and by state and Federal programs. In the long term, LASIK remains the cheaper procedure to do.

How Major Insurance Partially Pays for LASIK

Most major medical insurance policies have vision benefits. Make a phone call first to see if the insurance pays for the procedure directly. If not be aware that most policies have ways to get elective procedures to become partially paid for or receive a discount on the procedure. First, it must have a medical basis for being done that the insurance sees as a medical condition. In most cases, a person must specifically ask if discounts exist or if the procedure can become classified as medically necessary. Sometimes insurance companies have a policy endorsement or policy rider that can become added to an existing policy. Be aware the endorsement may put limits on other items in the policy or on the procedure a person asks for. Ask the staff at Houston Lasik how in general the insurance pays for the procedure.

Vision Insurance

Additional policies exist that cover just the eyes. Some of these policies do pay for laser eye surgery. Most only offer a discount on the procedure. If a person has a family history of cataracts or any of the conditions that LASIK in Houston provides service for a vision policy that helps with the costs would be a good idea.

Other Ways

If a job requires a level of vision or safety requirements to do the tasks the employer asks, then a possibility exists that the employer would pay for the surgery or used to have insurance pay for the operation. The military areas that require a specific level of vision sometimes pay for the procedure to become done.

Ways to Prepare to Pay for Lasik

Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Arrangements that employers offer let employees save tax-free money for has LASIK qualified for dispensation. Call the employer-administrator for the plan and check. Houston LASIK offers to finance for the procedure done over time with monthly payments. The bank and credit cards can provide the means to pay for LASIK by borrowing money.

Most patients state the procedure has benefited their lives immensely. Find out your options by talking with the staff at Houston LASIK.


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