PanOptix Continues to Improve Vision

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As clinical studies roll in more information on what areas an intraocular lens can do the best begin to be collected and disseminated among ophthalmologists. The Asian Pacific Journal Ophthalmology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania did a clinical review of the PanOptix intraocular lens.

Branded AcrySof IQ, the model lens has a description as a one-piece aspheric presbyopia-correcting hydrophobic intraocular lens (IOL). So, it has some features that improve the quality of life once the intraocular lens replaces the natural lens.

A particularly unique feature

PanOptix makes a trifocal IOL point like other intraocular lenses. It has a significant difference.

Most other IOLs make an intermediate focal point at 80-cm. The PanOptix makes that intermediate focal point at the 60-cm range.

For most people, that measurement occurs at arm’s length.  It happens to be the distance used for mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

Many industries, due to recent circumstances, have begun creating remote workforces and increasing network usage. The significance of having laser eye surgery that maximizes your work productivity potential makes PanOptix a top choice.

Wave of the future remote work

In a report by CNBC done by a survey on April 16 to April 17, 1,200 employers became interviewed to check the status of remote work created due to coronavirus mandates. The surveying company getAbstract found that 20 percent of the industries had entered into serious discussions on making remote work a permanent option for employees post-pandemic.

The survey taken by getAbstract emphasized that flexible work programs have taken the lead. For the Houston Clinic, it means ensuring patients have options to maximize vision for computer work. PanOptix, with its stellar intermediate vision range, does that.

Other features of PanOptix

The clinical review of PanOptix gathered information on a literature search in the PubMed database. As of 2019, it found 12 studies.

From those, it gleaned from the data that good visual outcomes listed as a typical outcome among PanOptix patients. These patients did not have to use glasses as much as the other groups did after a PanOptix surgery.

Due to its low dependence on pupil size (dilating pupils increase or decrease light into the eyes), the intraocular lenses offered optimized performance in many lighting conditions. The review then did a comparison study of similar products comparing the features and outcomes of the surgeries.

The review found that PanOptix showed better optical ratings than other trifocal IOLs in photic phenomena, resolution, and image quality. In all other categories, it listed as equivalent to the other products.


Bifocal IOLs had issues in the intermediate sight range area. Trifocal products solve the intermediate sight range issues.

What a trifocal like PanOptix does after surgery makes for better patient quality of life after cataract surgery. Being newer technology, the PanOptix entered into an industry niche with a range of good products giving good results.

Most of those patients reported that visual disturbances from cataract surgery did not impact their daily life plus decreased over time after the surgery. Visual disturbances list as halos, glares, and shadows.

Surprising reports of complete eyeglass wear independence as well surfaced. No adverse effects from a PanOptix surgery found. It proved doctors did a stellar job of carefully selected patients.

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