Optimum Eyesight Needed for Flag Day

Every June 14th since Woodrow Wilson became President, the nation holds in highest regard Flag Day. A woman made the flag.

Her business being upholstery since becoming a widow. In May of 1776, the Continental Congress had a secret committee meeting.

Then a Continental Congress committee paid a visit to Betsy Ross shop. George Ross, Robert Morris, and George Washington (head of the Army) discussed creating a flag and commissioned Betsy Ross.

George Ross, a well-respected Philadelphian, also was related to Betsy Ross by marriage and her dead husband’s uncle. Robert Morris had vast landholdings in the colonies.

Betsy Ross knew the Washingtons well. She had embroidered ruffles for George’s shirts as well as his cuffs.

Affidavits exist verifying such friendly excursions. So, George and friends show up with a design for a six-point star, and with one snip of the scissors, Betsy Ross makes a five-point star.

By June 1776, Betsy had finished the flag. It was not until June 14, 1777, that the flag created by Ross became the national flag. Initiated by these words:

“Resolved: that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”


The flag Betsy Ross made covered much ground, but today people celebrate with much smaller flags scattered on yards and buildings. The flag has changed over the years and had different forms.

While walking, biking, or riding a person needs optimum eyesight to pay their respects to the woman who made the flag. An option to explore to have stellar eyesight for annual flag day begins with a laser eye surgery named LASIK.


LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses. The keratomileusis lists as a Greek term meaning corneal reshaping.

LASIK does reshape the cornea through the use of laser technology. Using surgery to change the shape of the cornea allows the correction of the refractive error, causing blurriness in sight. Recommendations for the procedure cover several conditions such as myopia, presbyopia, and hyperopia.

The process

An elective procedure begins with a patient retrieving information from the staff at a clinic like Houston Lasik. A well-informed patient proves most helpful for a consultation that involves detailing a possible procedure.

An appointment becomes set with an ophthalmologist. Here a patient can ask questions about their personal eye condition, and the doctor will take a patient history.

A few instruments will become used to measure the eye and determine the status of sight at that moment. A patient will have several choices at the Houston office. If LASIK becomes one of those choices, then measurements taken will dial into an ultramodern laser.

The surgery

An outpatient surgery date will be set. That day the eyes will become numbed with drops.

Once seated for surgery, the eyelids will be held open for the laser. The doctor will create an extremely thin flap on the front portion of the eye by a laser pulse.

The cornea will then become reshaped by the laser. The flap will become closed, and some time given for recovery from the surgery.

The doctor will give dates for follow-up visits.

Give a call today and have the optimum sight to see how others have extended Betsy Ross’s work on Flag Day.

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