Men’s Eye Health

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For whatever reasons gender matters when it comes to eye health. Males eyes do not get the extent of female disease eyes do, but issues still arise. As far as an individual, men need to become aware what is or what is not a problem. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported 20,000 workplace eye injuries in 2016. Eye injuries range from eye strain to severe trauma. Protecting the eyes before an event especially from fumes would be a useful practice as part of the normal health and safety practices on a job. For Father’s Day seeing that a Dad has an annual checkup to the eyes or accessibility to options to improve eyesight may be a good gift to consider.

Top eye issues

  1. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) still leads as the primary cause of vision loss. The disease destroys an area known as the macula on the retina. A yellowish oval collection of cells in a hollow of the retina creates the keenest central vision. Genetics plays a part in the process since the disease occurs mostly among Caucasians with a family history of blindness. Males reaching the age of 50 should consider an eye exam to get a baseline of the topography of their individual retina. Houston Lasik does eye exams. It has safety eyewear, sunglasses, and prescription glasses on site.
  2. Cataracts define as cloudiness of the lens. Its prevalence increases with age with as much as 60 percent of the population over 70 years old having it in some form. Creating low vision, it leads to anxiety and depression due to less sensory input and increasing the chance of falling. It does have an environmental component with its associations with uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, and alcohol use. Overexposure to sunlight can heighten the risk of cataracts. Symptoms include blurred vision, poor night vision, seeing faded color, or having to change prescription glasses often indicates cataracts. Laser eye surgery such as at the Houston Lasik clinic offers counseling and consultation for the condition. Some people with cataracts can have the surgery.
  3. Glaucoma defines a group of diseases that the fluid comes into the eye at a faster rate than it leaves the eye creating high intraocular pressure. If left untreated this fluid pressure may damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve carries the visual sensory information to the brain and back, so a person can see. By 2030 projections by the National Eye Institute state 4.2 million Americans will have glaucoma. It does have a genetic component since African Americans, and Mexican Americans have a predisposition of having the condition. Also, families across generations exist who have the condition. Early detection makes for a more successful treatment and more options.


Other paths to maximize eye health in a Dad begins by tweaking nutrition. Aging bodies may not absorb or manufacture within the body the needed nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Having a daily supplement specific to nutrients for the eyes ensures optimum nutrition remains available. Chatting with the ophthalmologist in Houston can help determine the best options for a Dad making for high quality senior years.

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