What is iLASIK?

Laser Vision Correction in Houston

What is iLASIK?

Have you been waiting for the right time to have LASIK? With iLASIK, there is no better time than now to have your vision corrected. iLASIK is the laser vision correction technology that led to LASIK being performed on NASA Astronauts, Air Force Fighter Pilots, and Navy SEALs. This new and exceptional standard is now available to Houston.

You may have heard of many other types of LASIK. Like many other patients, you may be confused by what these dozen or so names for LASIK represent. To simplify things, we encourage our patients to look at the results of the FDA studies. Simply put, the FDA studies show that no other technology led to more people having 20/20 vision than iLASIK technology. No wonder it has now been used more than 15 million times around the world.

iLASIK is a proprietary, 3-step process described below.

Advanced CustomVue™ Wavescan Technology

This technology was developed and deployed for the Hubble Space Telescope launched by NASA that returned amazing images to us from across our galaxy. Over the years, Advanced Customvue Wavescan™ Technology has been refined further. Our iLASIK Wavescan™ Device captures the unique imperfections in a person’s eye that could never be measured before. The data captured is called a wavefront. Your wavefront will be used to guide your laser vision correction allowing you to achieve your personal best vision through technology that is 25 times more precise than other forms of LASIK. As a result, we see patients seeing better than ever…during the day and the night.

IntraLase™ Blade-Free Technology

Many LASIK centers keep their cost down by using metal blades rather than a laser to create the all-important LASIK flap. With iLASIK, your surgeon will use the Intralase™ blade-free laser to create a custom LASIK flap that is safer, more comfortable, and achieves better results.

VISX™ Technology

Your treatment is delivered with the revolutionary VISX S4 IR Excimer Laser with 3D ActivTrak. This laser is able to deliver a treatment that is unique for you by integrating with your unique wavefront. The wavefront is similar to a fingerprint of the eye that was gathered earlier with the WavescanTM Device using Advanced Customvue™ Wavescan™ Technology. With the only 3D ActivTrak™ 3-dimensional tracking system, unique iris registration technology, and exclusive variable spot size technology, your treatment is safer and more precise than any other.