Iris Registration

Iris Registration

Patient movement on the table while a procedure occurs is a major concern at the Houston LASIK & Eye. Always catering to patient needs and making sure patient safety with comfort comes first, the doctors invest in the latest technology. Iris registration, part of iLASIK, comes as part of that process.


Iris RegistrationA patient’s eyes rotate in the socket when moving from a sitting to a lying down position. Iris registration technology compares the scan of an iris when the patient lies down to the scan of an iris when the patient sits up. When the patient lies down in front of the laser, the computer adjusts the treatment to account for any eye rotation that has occurred. This ensures the laser’s accuracy to deliver the specific treatment prescribed. Viewing the short video shows the issues.

The Process

The WaveScan computer of the iLASIK system acquires unique landmarks from your iris. These landmark features are again acquired when the patient lies down for LASIK just prior to commencing treatment. The computer compares these two data sets to accurately determine any degree of rotation. Iris registration is one way Houston LASIK & Eye makes each treatment unique and individualized for the patient. Because of this diligence to detail, the best outcome for the patient is possible.