Blade-Free LASIK

No blade. No sutures. IntraLase – the latest laser surgery for vision improvement.

Thanks to the latest in laser technology, blade-less laser treatments are a reality. IntraLase is a path-breaking technology that has made this happen. Consider joining other patients who have already undergone laser vision correction surgeries with IntraLase.

How does it work?

A small flap is made in the cornea. Instead of a blade, laser light is used for this purpose. The IntraLase technology measures the position and depth of flap to be created. Scientifically positioned and streamed, the laser light creates minuscule bubbles with a diameter of one ten-thousandth inch. Subsequently, a corneal layer develops.

Introducing IntraLase – a revolutionary  LASIK solution.

In the iLASIK procedure, LASIK surgery is performed without the use of a blade. A corneal flap is created in a unique inside-out manner with the Intralase laser. The dimensions of the flap are customized to uniquely benefit the patient. During surgery, the eyes are fixated so as to stabilize their position. A low-pressure suction ring is used for the purpose of stabilizing the eyes and a laser beam is directed through it. Within moments, carbon dioxide and water bubbles are formed on the cornea which creates a smooth corneal surface. Next, the surgeon gently separates the tissue and laser vision correction procedure is performed. The corneal flap is folded back and the procedure concludes.

IntraLase is an accurate device with a 3-micron laser spot size capability. Even many LASIK-disqualified patients can be treated with IntraLase. Use of this device minimizes risks such as corneal abrasion and flap malfunctions such as thick, thin, partial and buttonhole flaps. An IntraLase created flap is “manhole” shaped. The vertical edges ensure that there is no flap slippage and wrinkling. It ensures that the flap is tightly wrapped and accidental rubbing of the eye during the healing phase will not dislodge the flap.