LASIK Follows the Democratic Paths of Thomas Jefferson

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America remains a nation of inventors and innovators. Part of the lifeblood of democracy it came from the Founding Fathers itself like Thomas Jefferson. Born on April 13, 1743, this author of the Declaration of Independence spoke four languages and read two others. He continually invented or improved others’ inventions. Jefferson made plows that tilled the soil deeper, a seven-day clock, rotating bookstand, a macaroni extruder and created a dumbwaiter that treated wine well. So, his spirit remains displayed in the many traditions and institutions of America. One place it shows his spirit in a personal way has become the many ways health professionals improve LASIK technology and process from patient feedback.


In a democracy, communication becomes a vital component. The same can be said when arriving at the Houston Lasik Clinic. It begins with the staff welcoming a person to the place then listening to their needs carefully. Once understanding becomes reached then the staff can give information about LASIK, laser eye surgery or the condition causing the eye issues. A patient can call back anytime to the clinic in Houston get questions answered. Every visit becomes like that because every year teams of ophthalmologists like Thomas Jefferson did with his inventions tweak the LASIK procedure and improve it for a variety of eye conditions. Asking for the latest developments open possibilities for future treatments that enhance eyesight.

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The process at the Houston Lasik clinic allows patients plenty of time to educate themselves about their eye condition. The brochures, the friendly staff, and social media sites can answer many questions and alleviate fears. A patient can request a consultation with the doctors. In a consultation, the information becomes customized and personalized to that patient’s history and needs. Lasik procedures have a significant component of personalization from the personal measurements taken of a person’s eyes to what approach to the surgery happens. The good doctors at Houston Lasik clinic will not perform the surgery until a patient understands it and becomes confident. Follow up visits reassure the patient about the progress of healing. The success rate of LASIK continues to range around 96% with some achieving 20/20 vision according to the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. If not a candidate for LASIK have no worries since other procedures exist that can address the eye issues. Open communication between doctor and patient creates the best options for a procedure to become successful. Patient opinion told to healthcare professionals just like in Jefferson’s time establishes the environment for further studies and improvement in procedures.


Though the early days of democracy have passed on, the interactions that happen between Americans continue democratic processes. Taken for granted the doctor and patient communications display the principals that Jefferson summed up in the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths self-evident…”

“We have certain unalienable rights…”

“That among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…”

All that happens daily at Houston Lasik. Self-evident truths established for an individual patient who has the right to have their eyes taken care or, so they can have life, liberty and pursue their own happiness easily daily.

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