LASIK and Senior Citizens

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The age structure of the population in the USA will change in the next 20 years. The U.S. Census Bureau after analyzing the data from the 2010 census projects by 2050 more than 83.7 million people will be age 65 and older. Nearly 20 percent of the population will have senior citizen status. As people age, vision changes and so lifestyle changes also occur as part of the aging process.

Vision in senior citizens

According to the American Optometric Association after 60 years of age paying more attention to the eyes becomes a given. Dry eye becomes more likely where the tear ducts do not produce enough tears to bathe the eye tissues resulting in abrasions. Cataracts may form which means the clear lens over the pupil begins to cloud blurring vision. For some, eye diseases begin such as macular degeneration and glaucoma in their senior years. Houston LASIK clinic has much information on such changes and a list of options to improve such conditions. So, if you have a family member of that age giving them a place to ask questions like the staff does in Houston could help them make decisions about eyesight needs and hopefully maintain their good sight.

Low vision

One of the keys to creating an independent lifestyle while being older remains maintaining good vision. Low vision defines as when eyeglasses, medical treatment or surgery only can give a portion of sight. A doctor classifies you as having “low vision.” Signs of low vision list as:

  • Unable to recognize familiar faces till they speak
  • Trouble reading, fixing things around the home, or cooking becomes difficult
  • When driving a person cannot clearly see the signs or store names

Low vision impacts people in other ways. Generally, a loss of mobility begins to occur as the likelihood of falling goes up due to not being able to see nearby objects in the way of a path. Maintaining the ability to work or have hobbies gets more difficult. With less sensory input into the brain, people have been known to hallucinate. People who lose their vision may become depressed or anxious. They may experience cognitive decline unless a family adapts and intervenes by offering stimulation. So, seeking out ways to increase vision helps older adults have high quality senior years.

Can senior adults have a LASIK surgery?

Laser eye surgery has a high success rate in older adults. Patients chosen carefully by a consultation and informed consent of the risks has given many seniors the option of the operation. Now those seniors have better vision. Several studies have been done on patients 65 years of age and older. The senior had much more risk associated with the LASIK procedure, and received more restrictions, but once chosen as a candidate the surgery proved to be satisfactory and safe. The data on the visual outcomes showed much improvement in the vision. Improvement in vision means improvement in the quality of life.


It takes a phone call to find out all the possibilities for your vision. It takes a consultation with a doctor to see if LASIK proves to be the best option. If not, Houston LASIK has alternative ways that may help with your vision needs.


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