How Menopause Affects Women’s Eyes

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A natural process biologically, menopause marks the end of the menstrual cycle. The official beginning of menopause does not start with missing a couple of periods, but with 12 continuous months of missing cycles. Once that one-year anniversary of no menstrual periods occurs physicians state a woman has entered menopause. Long before that peri-menopause causes fluctuations in the body systems so altered states of hormones, triglyceride levels, and emotional states occur. Menopause affects a woman’s whole body. The changes it initiates occur system-wide including differences in sight in the eyes.

Vision Changes

Many times women report when hormone levels fluctuate their vision changes. Most women experience minor vision differences during pregnancy as hormones rise and fall to establish a good environment for the fetus. When similar changes occur in the eyesight during perimenopause women become quickly aware. Even the shape of the eye alters. Their contact lens may become uncomfortable to wear. Eyes may feel scratchy and need added moisture. The vision may blur while reading. Later during menopause, a clouding of the lens in the eye may appear forming a cataract. Any eye condition a woman has may worsen slightly.


As the vision changes, many women make the decision to have a LASIK procedure. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileuses. A small incision creates a flap of flesh to reshape the inner cornea making good vision possible again for many. Laser eye surgery relieves the need for contact lenses which during menopause often feel uncomfortable. It has a high rate of success in correcting vision in most common conditions of the eye. In eye issues not as common it can be highly successful as well depending on the ophthalmologist expertise and techniques.

Choice of Ophthalmologist

During menopause for some women, the central corneal thickness lessens. Depending on the dryness of the eyes during menopause the corneal tissues layers can change much. Measurement of the corneal thickness gives useful information to the ophthalmologist. A woman needs a clinic such as Houston Lasik that regularly updates techniques and equipment since more recent technology as of 2010 provide more precise measurements. This makes it possible for some women with severe dry eyes to now become viable candidates for LASIK surgery. Also doing hormone replacement therapy of any kind will affect the tissues layers of the eyes as well. It takes a well-seasoned ophthalmologist that understands the level of the changes to navigate a LASIK procedure for a menopausal woman. Houston Lasik clinic has options on its methods. It does not do the surgery until a patient has confidence and the factors are in their favor.


Having good eyesight after menopause often means having high quality senior years. Being able to see allows a woman to continue her favorite activities. Many studies exist that state good eyesight helps prevent accidental falls. Have a chat with the staff at Houston Lasik. Arrange a consultation with one of the ophthalmologists in Houston. Find out all the options available to ensure good eyesight.

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