Halloween, LASIK and You

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One of the fun things about October remains finding a good Halloween outfit for the occasion. People develop a liking for colored contacts, intriguingly dyed hair, and costume antics. All in good fun of course. So, that everyone can have fun safely, good eyesight becomes much needed on All Hallows’ Eve when ghosts and goblins prance about on dark sidewalks and streets.


If your eyesight at twilight does not perform like it use to consider LASIK.  Having good eyesight to see through the misty darkness while small bodies dart about well whether avoiding a hit or targeting one you need precision vision. LASIK stands for laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis. It has a 99 percent success rate for restoring vision to at least a 20/40 level according to the American Refractive Surgery Council. If chosen as a candidate, you will be able to see distinctly what to avoid and what to target. For 90% of patients, the vision restores to 20/20. Developed as an outpatient surgery that takes only one day to do and for most a quick recovery you can be ready for the whole holiday season and not miss a thing. Visit the Houston LASIK clinic to get more information on the laser eye surgery.

Colored Contacts

Recent years have seen an upswing in the use of colored contacts not only for holidays but also as a fashion statement. Advertised as cosmetics anything put in the eye needs to come from an eye professional especially if a person has had LASIK surgery. A person’s eye’s have a unique curvature and a unique set of bumps. Without proper fitting, the colored contact lenses may cause infections or cause abrasions on the cornea. Cases exist of young people using colored lenses and becoming blind. American Academy of Ophthalmology has issued several warnings to consumers about the colored contact lenses. Many of the colored contacts have a chlorine coating that some people become sensitive to. Often the colored tint lies as a layer on the contact and if not smoothly done can harm the eyes. Eye care professionals have colored contacts available that can become prescribed that will fit your eyes and less likely to cause a problem. Be the vampire, ghoul or unsightly beast you wish but do so with prescription colored contacts, so you can once more return to human form.

Other Safety Tips

Costumes and masks sometimes impede vision, especially peripheral vision. Take a flashlight along to help illuminate a path. Also, periodically turn the head to view your surroundings. Make it part of your Halloween costumes character antics. Be especially vigilant of costumers who carry knives, swords or other props. Many will poke and prod. Have a defense plan if they get anywhere near the eyes. Even though the object does not consist of real steel it still can scratch the cornea. Drawing first blood you get less candy since you have to go to the emergency room. Capes can act as shields, martial arts defense moves keep a perimeter around you, or just covering the eyes with the hands can stop the marauders.


Have fun on All Hallows’ Eve in the Houston metroplex. Stay safe and keep the eyes free from ghostly scratches from the other world. Know your LASIK surgery gave you the best vision possible to play with all those apparitions.


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