Eye Are A Window To Your Overall Health

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Eyes are a Window to your Overall Health
Eyes are not only a window to your soul but also to your overall health. We may not see it but the way our eyes react everyday may reveal a lot about your body. Eyes are exposed to the environment constantly. Sun, cold, heat, rain or snow the eyes have been out in the open. These are some clues that should raise a red flag and speak volumes about your general health.
When your eyes are blood shot and painful
You may ignore achy bloodshot eyes a day after that crazy party when you had one too many glasses of wine! However, when the condition stays for longer than usual then it’s a sign of inflammation in other body parts too. These symptoms are also caused by conjunctivitis, acute glaucoma, corneal ulcers but it can also represent other issues such as hypertension, liver disease or diabetes.
Experiencing cloudy vision
If you notice that your vision has blurred and your eyes appear milky then it may be a sign of cataracts. The main cause of cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye which can permanently impair your vision if not fixed in time. Cataract mostly happen old aged people but these days one can see instances of this condition also appearing in younger ones due to poor health. Also continuous exposure to the sun may exacerbate the condition.
Red Spots
When you see tiny specks of red in white area of your eye it is because of the small blood vessels that burst inside. There are many reasons for these specks to appear like when you are sneezing, bending over, vomiting, or straining the upper part of your body. However, when it occurs too frequently then it is symptomatic of other medical conditions. A diabetic person’s blood vessels inside their eyes can swell up and burst as a result of high sugar levels.
Formation of gray ring around the cornea
When a gray ring forms around the cornea or transparent layer, it signifies high levels of cholesterol. This condition can be treated even more alarming if you are in your 40s as it can be a sign of more serious cardiovascular disease. If you have been noticing this eye condition then it is important to get a comprehensive blood test for early diagnosis of high cholesterol levels as well as any other complication.
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