Contemplating the Inconvenience of Glasses

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Wearing glasses requires a sacrifice at least once a day. A person will try to do without them and end up being a contortionist in the arms just to read something. Unless a person must wear glasses, they do not understand. The following list should help people who do not wear glasses understand.
1. Once a person starts wearing glasses, it becomes an extension of the face literally. People describe the glasses a person has chosen before they describe the person and attribute it as a significant part of that person’s personality
2. A person may remove their glasses to return to who they are. Glasses leave a mark. A giant red sore mark on the bridge of the nose.
3. The day begins with rain, and like the windshield of the car a person enters, raindrops will take up residence on the glasses. Unlike a vehicle, no windshield wipers appear to take care of it with glasses.
4. A person begins an exercise program the glasses always interfere. If a person runs with glasses well depending on the prescription the foot never quite lands where it should, and the glasses jump up and down on the nose. If doing yoga, the glasses refuse to do spiritually peaceful maneuvers but jump off the face at the most inconvenient time ruining the harmony of it.
5. To calm down a nice warm glass of something pulled close to the lips almost helps until the steam arises and fogs up the glasses. A person then misses the lips, and they wear their drink.
6. The war between sunglasses and prescription glasses is never-ending. A person needs to get the glare out of the eyes but unless a person can afford prescription sunglasses the constant dance of taking off one pair and putting on another just to read road signs can cause accidents.
7. Kissing with glasses takes an act of God. No matter which way the head becomes turned the glasses crunch against the other persons’ face either causing them pain or the person with the glasses pain. Gentle pecking is recommended before going full force.
8. Cold fronts arrive announcing the coming of winter, so a person runs outside to enjoy the crisp air. Upon returning to the warm abode, immediately he/she gets attacked with the glass fog when the warm air hits the lens.
9. Having a baby or visiting other people’s babies results in babies grabbing the glasses off the face and turning it into slobber toys.
Glass Problem May Possibly Be Solved with LASIK Surgery
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