It’s All About The Frames

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Though laser eye surgery reduces the need for glasses, it does not necessarily do away with eyewear. For days in the sun and some activities, a set of glasses may be needed. Work requirements often demand glasses be worn. Getting eyewear that you like makes it much more likely you will use it. The frames of glasses begin with the shape of the face. Houston Lasik does carry some line of frames and lenses for their patients.

Face shape

Faces have an outline as any established artist can tell you. What eyeglasses will have an appeal depends on the shape of the face. In general, human faces come in the form of ovals, hearts, oblong, squarish, diamonds, round, base-down triangle. So, the frames of glasses can either enhance natural features or put it out of proportion, making you feel uncomfortable.

Recommendations for frames by face shape

To keep the outline of the oval face its recommended an eyeglass frame of at least as wide if not a bit wider than the widest part of the face usually pleases most people.

Heart-shaped faces have a narrow bottom and wide top. So, begin with frames that have wideness at the bottom. Some heart-shaped faces look grand with rimless glasses as well.

An oblong face has length over width with a long straight line thought the cheek area. Go deep with the frame but have normal width.

Strong jaw, strong forehead region makes a square face. Squarish faces often need a touch of softness. Some types of narrow frame eyewear can set that face into stellar attractiveness.

The other end of the scale comes as a narrow forehead and jaw. Decorative frames work well here as well as cat eyeglasses. If the frames do not work, try the rimless type.

If the face curves, round with few angles narrow eyeglass frames may add some length. To stand out try rectangular shaped frames to create a contrast against audacious curves.

Base-down triangular shape gives a narrow forehead but widens as it descends down to the jawline. Again detailing, or unusual frames by color or sizing may help.

The other factors

Sometimes choosing the frame does not present a challenge, but the colors and the detailing does. Look at what contrasts or complements your skin tone, hair color, or even eye color. Flesh color has other tones in it such as blue, pink or yellow. Discover which undertone dominates in your skin and find a frame color that matches or contrasts. What aspect of your personality do you wish to present to the world? Well-chosen frames can do that for a person. Some frames present as fashion and creative while others give a conservative look. Do not forget to include your lifestyle in the choice. If athletic, you may need the frames that can stand the competition.


The staff in Houston that hands out information on LASIK and other laser eye surgery options can help you decide on frames for your needs and face shape. Houston LASIK knows the area and the frames. Get a second opinion on how to have Lone Star attractiveness in a large city. Just ask they will be glad to give an opinion along with medical information.

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