A View For the Holiday Season

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Landscapes, stores and homes all change for the holiday season as Thanksgiving dovetails into the Christmas cheer season. Beginning with being thankful and having family gatherings makes a person take a view of their life and needs.  Bumped out of normal patterns and visiting different homes a person may not keep track of their glasses or maintain the routine of contact lenses. The inconvenience of all that while wrapping presents, attending activities, and visiting with friends and family becomes apparent. In that moment of clarity, a decision bursts forth…I need to explore LASIK.


LASIK serves as an acronym for laser eye surgery.  Like any surgery, it takes much consideration. Houston LASIK one of the leading clinics in the field in the Houston area understands all that. Its helpful well-trained staff can answer questions about most eye conditions, list options for the different types of surgery, and give specific information on how a person becomes a candidate for a LASIK surgery. It only takes a few minutes of time even during the busy holiday season. Once well informed a person can schedule a consultation with a doctor.


The success rate of LASIK surgery stays extremely high with over 99% of patients receiving between 20/20 and 20/40 rating on the eye test after surgery. The good ophthalmologist will inform a person of the risks of the surgery as well as the success rates.  He/She will do a thorough exam on the patient’s eyes and record the medical history of the patient. The doctor will then tell of what he or she has found and discuss the condition of the eyes, if the surgery is necessary, and what options he or she is willing to do for the present condition of the eyes. If the patient and doctor come to a consensus then a laser eye surgery will become scheduled.


An outpatient surgery it only takes a few hours from walking in the door till being driven home. The actual surgery on the eye itself only takes about 20 minutes.  The information gathered from eye measurements will become inputted into the high-tech laser machine. Staff will help a person recline on the provided resting area and place the head in the appropriate position. Numbing drops will become administered to the eyes. Some surgical instruments that can position the eye in the correct place and keep a patient from blinking become placed. After that the laser does its work quickly, precisely and efficiently on the eye. Then a patient sits up and everything becomes rechecked. A follow up visit the next day becomes scheduled with instructions on medications and be aware to ensure a successful surgery.

On with the holidays

Unless strenuous exercise within 2 or 3 days a person can return to normal activity. Holiday shopping will seem brighter as better eyesight lets a person receive the full impact of the decorations. Details gone unnoticed before with Christmas paraphernalia will make itself known. Family and friends faces blurred by the earlier vision will come into sharp focus.


The gift of sight remains a precious thing. Explore all the possibilities at Houston LASIK. No better Christmas gift exists than being able to see clearly with clarity what the world around a person is like. Call today and talk with the friendly staff.

Houston Lasik leads in providing premium LASIK technologies to Houston, Sugar Land, and the surrounding region. The center’s award-winning medical director introduced revolutionary technologies such as iLASIK to the region. This technology is used by NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS and Air Force fighter pilots. At Houston Lasik, you can now receive the same treatment. For more information, please call (281) 240-0478.