Safety Tips for the Eyes

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As we move into spring and summer weather, the possibility of eye injury rises due to activities associated with those seasons. It remains a good time to review ways to protect the eyes and root causes of accidental injury.


Keeping the eyes healthy goes a long way to helping prevent accidents. Visit an eye care professional like at Houston LASIK. A comprehensive dilated eye exam can set a baseline of health.  Many eye diseases or some vision loss shows no warning signs. Catching these items early on can keep clarity in the vision and lessen the likelihood of accidents. It also makes a person review their family eye health history. Some diseases or conditions have a genetic component. Having an extensive dilated eye exam means the health care professional puts drops in the eye to cause the pupil to dilate. This dilation allows the ophthalmologist to get a deep look into the interior of the eye. Looking for damage or a disease process the ophthalmologist can take note and take a picture of the retina. If vision needs to become improved explore having a laser eye surgery such as LASIK in Houston.

The basics

Now that a person knows the health status of the eye they can begin to maintain or improve on that. To protect eyesight ensure adequate nutrition. Whether by supplement or food the eyes benefit from eating omega-3 fatty acids, getting reasonable amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C plus lutein and zeaxanthin nutrients. Other things to consider that affect eye health care is whether you smoke. If you do minimize it and if you do not smoke do not start. Because of the extensive use of computers eyestrain became more of a problem than in the past, so about every 20 minutes look away and concentrate on something 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds.

Preventing injury

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health states that daily about 2000 workers in the USA receive a job-related eye injury. Using protective eye protection as in safety glasses lessens the trauma or prevents it about 90 percent of the time. The most common place eye injuries happen remains in the home according to the Eye Injury Snapshot American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma. Home repairs, cleaning, cooking, and yard work have all injured eyes. Wearing safety glasses when doing such activities just like at work would go a long way to protecting the eyes.

What to do when the eye is injured

See an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Do not touch or rub the eye. Apply no pressure. Do not remove an object stuck in the eye. Add no medication or ointment. If cut or punctured, place a shield on the eye, such as on the bottom of a paper cut. For particles in the eye, lift the eyelid over the lashes of the lower lid, blink and tear up. Then keep the eye closed.  Chemical burns, flush with clean water. For a blow to the eye, a cold compress.

Eyes were created to last a lifetime. Protect them, and they will serve you well.


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