Nascar, Formula 1 and LASIK

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Visual acuity, quick thinking, and nerves of steel describe most race car drivers. Nowhere does having aligned vision count more than racing on dusty, dirty tracks or world class paved ones. The video shows the type of sight a race car driver must do to have a successful career.



Staying a top driver means making the experience part of the personal vision. Since the two intimately correlate with movement of the hands a win or lose truly comes down to the state of the eyes. Known as Super Hero vision it develops from the many hours of practice. What ordinary drivers concentrate on and see remains different from what race car drivers do. Looking ahead becomes a practice creating exquisite peripheral vision.

NASCAR drivers

Whether it’s a burn notice or driving into the corner NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) drivers win by having quick thinking and sharp eyes. To keep in the top ten, they explore laser eye surgery as an option when the vision blurs a bit. For most people, a bit of blur does not cause a problem when driving but for a NASCAR driver on the track doing 200 mph a bit of blur can mean the difference between a win and a loss.


In the early years of LASIK surgery race car driver Ken Harvick underwent the surgery in 2001. Right eye dominant for years Harvick compensated for the issue but then it became a problem. After getting the eyes numbed, having a little pressure, then told to stand up since his laser eye surgery was finished he has nothing but praise for the procedure. He has since gone on to win many races and often gives credit to LASIK for that.


Johnny Benson races cars and trucks had the laser eye surgery.  His racing career did well in the decade of 2000. Winning major events got him attention and sponsorship. A 2009 fiery crash in the ISMA Supermodifieds race put him in the hospital. Broken bones, separated shoulder, and some third-degree burns, but his LASIK operation remained intact. He has since retired from racing and for years has done the National Motorsports Appeals Panel.


Roberto Guerrero had the surgery as well. A Formula 1 and Indy driver he can tell about the vision needs of race car drivers. Also, a driver in off-road racing in Mexico he says his vision has such clarity whether day or night that it makes a huge difference in his racing decisions. He calls it his “new” eyes and he highly recommends the surgery. He went on to become a commentator for Speed TV and for Fox3 Latin American broadcasts.

Extreme to Everyday

Race car drivers use their vision to the extreme to keep them on the track and to win. Houston LASIK can explain all the specifics of the procedure. Laser eye surgery continues to help millions globally have good eyesight. If it works for the extremes of race car drivers it should work just as well for everyday living activities. Visit the clinic in Houston and find out the possibilities for your eyes.

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