Media Personalities Who Have Had LASIK

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Movies thrill and astound us. One-person hosted shows give us a glimpse of what all a media personality can do. Behind all the glitz and special effects lies real human beings. To do all those marvelous scenes takes a keen eye. Reading a teleprompt under bright lights can become difficult for those Red Carpet and award moments. So, some of the actors and actresses have decided to use LASIK surgery to bring their eyesight up to an impressive 20/20 level to compensate for the bright lights. Not falling for the illusion that they have become the superheroes they portray or even the villains most admit they either need the surgery to do a top rate job or have had the surgery. Unlike public relations machines in the past they do not brag about it. Once done they reservedly return to the real people they have become. A few do share the experience, so others can be given their sight back. 
Every performer has a right to their privacy especially when it is medical. A few shared their experience in the media.
Chris Evans
Known for his trademark black-rimmed glasses and stunning red hair as the One Show host in London his stand-up comedy has delighted many globally. Using Twitter he alerted his adoring fans of his intent to have the procedure and right afterward twittered its praises. Now the glasses have become a choice rather than an attachment.
Sir Richard Branson
Media personalities who build stout wine cellars and choose to ride out 183 mph hurricanes such as Hurricane Irma cannot be bothered with glasses. The billionaire founder of the Virgin group emerged unscathed after playing with his team down in the cellar. Do not worry Branson has already made plans to build his island bigger better and able to withstand hurricanes of that magnitude after the wind blows over. He chose to explore the options in the early years of laser eye surgery and has gone on to thrill audiences with his antics and investments ever since with full vision of course.
Paul Rudd
At the 60th annual Tony Awards ad-libbed he needed LASIK since he had trouble reading the teleprompter. As part of the gift packages for attending Paul received a free LASIK surgery certificate. No official public relations word has ever come forth if that surgery happened. Like many of those considering LASIK surgery it may be an extended period of time before the actual operation occurs. Houston LASIK recommends all patients take their time and be well informed before giving consent. So, Paul remains an excellent example of taking the time to explore the options.
Mickey Rourke
For every role Mickey Rourke captures he physically transforms into that character. Add in that one of his passions remains boxing one could say Rourke remains not afraid of conflict, injury, or surgery. No testimonial directly has come from Mickey about the outcome of his LASIK surgery. He did allow his doctor to post it on its clinic pages. His doctor stated in web writing that the surgery went well and Mickey appreciated the better eye sight.
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Paul Rudd
Mickey Rourke – Golden Globe Award-Winning Actor Iron Man 2:

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