How to Pay for LASIK Surgery

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Despite its record success LASIK Houston remains classified as an elective cosmetic surgery. One of the clauses in most insurance policies states if LASIK becomes the only conceivable medical option to treat a serious eye problem insurance will pay. Insurance most always will pay for glasses and eye contacts both of which Houston LASIK does. LASIK surgery remains not a surgery to skimp on price. It takes a highly trained doctor of a certain caliber to give a patient the best outcome with the laser eye surgery. Other ways to pay do exist.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance may not reimburse directly for LASIK, but it does give discounts on the surgery with certain clinics. The industry does support the procedure by offering a supplemental eye insurance that has preapproved providers. Call the health insurance provider to check on criteria and supplemental policies. Insurance in the past has paid for LASIK if vision loss resulted from injury, because of a surgery, or severe refractive errors. The policy remains inconsistent on what and when insurances will pay. A few specialty unions who practice self-insurance do insure for LASIK.

Flex Spending or Health Savings

An individual on their own through an employer can set up these accounts where they save money for medical procedures. Money from those funds can pay for a LASIK surgery. A set of rules apply on how the money must become used in a year so check that first to see if the savings will at least make a down payment on the surgery.


Certain jobs take good eyesight, so employers make deals with LASIK clinics creating huge discounts on the surgery. Also, employers for some surgeries will give a sum of money for employees to have such operations. You often have to ask to discover such options.


Most clinics have an array of plans for paying for the surgery. Houston Lasik uses the CareCredit healthcare credit care option. Payments set up over months lets a person have the procedure quickly.


If a patient has military obligations, then check on the military benefits. Before being discharged have the LASIK surgery since for many it remains free of charge. Eligibility for the laser eye surgery depends on the duties assigned.


Crowdfunding for medical expenses has become a common way for people to get a surgery paid for. Because of the unwillingness of the insurance industry to move LASIK to a mainstream surgery people have appealed to the American public at large for money for medical. At the same time others call legislators about the procedure wanting it added to the list as a necessary surgery. The American public does respond to some crowdfunding appeals. Be aware it remains inconsistent. You cannot predict what the public will give to but when it does it is generous. Crowdsourcing may not pay for it all, but at least someone helped you, saw your need and understood. Known as GoFundMe it has an easy to use interface to get you started. It has become known as the platform to get medical help with.


When you are ready to go to the Houston LASIK clinic, visit with the staff and find out what options you have for your eyes. If done by GoFundMe be sure to post the clinic and the success of the surgery. Donors like to hear the money they gave did something good. Explore the possibilities and have better sight.


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