How an Intraocular Lens Deals With Shallows

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Wading in the shallows of a body of water often lists as one of many families pleasurable memories. If the shoal happens in the orb of the eye, the story changes and becomes one of obtaining a better visual outcome.

The condition named high myopia can become caused by developing a shallow anterior chamber depth in an eye. Surprisingly, shallow anterior chambers list as a common eye issue labeled nearsightedness.

It causes a person to not see objects far away as in blurry landscapes, blurry television shows and not recognizing someone till they get close to a person. Calling an aunt or sister by mother’s name can cause issues in some families.

So, since circumstances call for more intimate family time for the sake of relationships, a visit to the Houston Lasik clinic may help maintain family peace.

A solution

Laser eye surgery comes with several approaches to correct high myopia. In May 2019 a study became published in BCM Ophthalmology involving the use of Visian ICL implantation for shallow anterior chamber depths.

Visian ICL involves the use of a collamer lens that corrects the vision. The nearsightedness causes the light beams entering the eye to bend in a way that concentrates it in front of the retina, forcing the brain to process the information giving a blurred view incorrectly.

In the study, 51 eyes of 31 patients received follow up treatment on average, 12 months who had the anterior chamber shallowness.  With high myopia keeping the eye stable becomes a central issue.

It makes it difficult sometimes to drive a vehicle or regularly work since glasses or contacts have to change as the vision oscillates in advanced cases. What the implantation of the Visian ICL did for patients became stable visual outcomes for the long-term.

This particular set of patients had no complications during the follow-up sessions of the lens surgery.  They lost no corrected distance visual acuity (clarity of vision) and had a 59 percent gain of one line on the visual charts. So the result for Visian became improved vision.

What matters the most

As phenomenal as the results came in for the Visian ICL study procedure specifically for shallow anterior chamber depth, the study did not mention the most crucial aspect of all—–the doctor. For surgeries of this type in advanced cases of a condition, the most essential element remains the expertise of the doctor doing the surgery.

It begins with the consultation and shared information about a patient’s eyes and needs in their life involving sight. Houston Lasik’s expertise in laser eye surgery has gained them awards and recognitions. They take the time to counsel and consult with a patient on their individual condition.

Take a drive to Houston and experience the process yourself. The clinic does many surgeries not just Visian ones. Explore what LASIK procedures and products they have. Then have a chat with the staff and the doctors at the clinic, and see if it is possible for your condition to have a stable visual outcome.

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