3D Activetrak

3D ActiveTrak™ – A precision technology for precision LASIK eye treatments

An inherent technology and exclusive to the VISX STAR S4 IR excimer laser, the 3D ActivTrak™ is used by eye doctors to track 3-dimensional movements of the eyes during surgery. During surgery, patients may move their eyes. These eye movements can significantly impact the quality of surgery. Eye surgery precision is controlled and maintained with 3D ActivTrak™ that tracks the movement of the eye in all three directions. The laser beam utilizes this technology to accurately focus on the right spot on the eyes throughout the surgery.

The fact that the human eye is always moving has proven that this technology is instrumental in any laser eye surgery. Failure to apply the laser beam on the correct position on the eyes leads to surgery failure and even eye damage. Therefore the 3D ActivTrak™ Technology-enabled VISX STAR S4 IR is a blessing for thousands of patients. So if you are visiting a LASIK eye center for an eye treatment, you know what to ask for…3D ActivTrak™ – part of the iLASIK procedure.