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A View For the Holiday Season

Posted By on Dec 12, 2018 in LASIK Surgery

Landscapes, stores and homes all change for the holiday season as Thanksgiving dovetails into the Christmas cheer season. Beginning with being thankful and having family gatherings makes a person take a view of their life and needs.  Bumped out of normal patterns and visiting different homes a person may not keep track of their glasses or maintain the routine of contact lenses. The inconvenience of all that while wrapping presents,...

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LASIK and Pregnancy

Posted By on Dec 6, 2018 in LASIK Surgery

When a woman becomes pregnant, a cascade of biological events happens physically and chemically within the body to ready for the development of a baby. Changes in vision occur during pregnancy some of which are temporary while other changes remain permanent. Gynecologists and ophthalmologists monitor pregnant patients more closely. Possible changes to the eyes The balance of hormones changes in a woman’s body to prepare it for the...

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LASIK and Diabetes

Posted By on Nov 29, 2018 in LASIK Surgery

When considering a LASIK procedure, the choices of the technology or process remain numerous. The reason for that becomes each’s eyes have a uniqueness, and whatever the condition the eyes have remains unique as well. By having variations built into the process, it ensures ophthalmologists can precisely define the surgery according to the data gathered. It becomes inputted into the laser which does the actual incision or delivers...

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How the Humble Turkey Started LASIK Surgery Globally LASIK has been a standard procedure for at least 20 years.  Deemed popular and reliable in most countries it has enjoyed rapid growth as word of mouth has spread about the success of the procedure. Its more than 90% success rate on patients chose carefully remains impressive by any standards. As the calendar moves into the holidays few know that the humble turkey help created the...

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Living your life, you begin to notice the sun does not seem as bright as it once was. As you do up close work things blur more than normal. Colors of your clothes, of your vehicle, and of your home seem faded. At night headlights from other vehicles form a halo making it hard to see where the vehicle begins or ends.  It happened so gradually you cannot even pinpoint when the vision began to change. The symptoms seem so general and...

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